Lucky : toronto newborn photography

Everyone here was lucky - Brooke for having such amazing, happy, calm parents, Brooke's parents for having such a sweet little girl, and me for getting to share the morning with a newborn photo session! Now Brooke took a while to fall asleep with all the excitement, but once out, she was out and was quite amenable to letting me snuggle her up in various blankets, baskets, hats, headbands and even her beautiful little pink satin shoes that once belonged to Mom. Adorable - and all two days before her one month birthday! Clint and Patti - I enjoyed our session so much - there is a calm and peace about your home - not all that common with a new babe around! Thank you!2010_brookeellis_050-web 2010_brookeellis_149-web 2010_brookeellis_128-web 2010_brookeellis_132-web 2010_brookeellis_140-web 2010_brookeellis_166-web 2010_brookeellis_193-web 2010_brookeellis_216-web 2010_brookeellis_206-web 2010_brookeellis_195-web 2010_brookeellis_174-web 2010_brookeellis_279-web 2010_brookeellis_267-web 2010_brookeellis_018-web 2010_brookeellis_047-web 2010_brookeellis_252-web 2010_brookeellis_102-web blog_brooke1 2010_brookeellis_229-web

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