Eyelashes : toronto baby photography

Little Avry had the longest, most luscious eyelashes I've ever had the pleasure to photograph! Such a cutie. Rivaling his eyeslashes in the adorable department was his reaction to seeing his first bubbles. It was a combination of shock, delight and desperate need to touch all wrapped up on one sensory overload moment. Priceless - so priceless I had to bust out my burgeoning video skills and capture some action rather than just still. It was fun! Finally, we brought out the bearskin rug and the fireplace to capture some shots specifically designed to embarrass him once he heads off to college... :O) Sorry Avry!!! Erika and Farhan - I really enjoyed our afternoon together - thanks for having me over!2010_thawarrodrigues_020-web blog_avrytr1 2010_thawarrodrigues_079-web 2010_thawarrodrigues_128-web 2010_thawarrodrigues_177-web 2010_thawarrodrigues_183-web 2010_thawarrodrigues_257-web 2010_thawarrodrigues_300-web 2010_thawarrodrigues_302-web 2010_thawarrodrigues_326-web 2010_thawarrodrigues_363-web blog_avrytr2 2010_thawarrodrigues_380-web 2010_thawarrodrigues_542-web 2010_thawarrodrigues_639-web 2010_thawarrodrigues_591-web 2010_thawarrodrigues_603-web 2010_thawarrodrigues_685-web blog_avrytr3

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