RJ out early! : toronto newborn photography

This adorable little guy made an entrance into the world early - here at 4 weeks he was as tiny and perfect and innocent and sleepy as if just days old. He really was perfect - the toes, the lips and that tongue that kept poking out! We started out with a wakeful time so we got some great shots of those big wide peepers, then he slowly drifted off, aided by my fuzziest of cozy blankets. Then he was out for the count. Thanks Joanna and Rob for having me over to capture RJ at his very cutest - I loved meeting him and had lots of fun cuddling him to sleep! XOXO RJ!2010_rjnyffenegger_133-web blog_rj2 2010_rjnyffenegger_137-web 2010_rjnyffenegger_125-web 2010_rjnyffenegger_140_BW-web 2010_rjnyffenegger_006_BW-web blog_rj3 2010_rjnyffenegger_085_BW-web 2010_rjnyffenegger_204-web 2010_rjnyffenegger_111-web 2010_rjnyffenegger_165-web blog_rj1 2010_rjnyffenegger_222-web

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