Baby boy ten days new : toronto newborn photography

Baby boy S was so sweet and adorable - and alert! He was determined to stay awake all evening and not miss a thing. By the end though, he finally dozed off. I hope for Mama's sake he made up for it by sleeping for a good long stretch in the night! Now all that's remaining for this little guy is a name... but I've heard the name elect and it's as cute as he is!!! Hope it sticks... but like any parents that scratch their heads over what name to assign to a tiny new life, I'm sure once they pick and finalize, they'll forget any other options they were mulling over and months, or even weeks from now, they can't imagine him being named anything else. Ranjit and Nab - enjoy this little guy! What a cutie....2010_d-s-newborn_190-web 2010_d-s-newborn_195-web 2010_d-s-newborn_008-web 2010_d-s-newborn_007-web 2010_d-s-newborn_006-web 2010_d-s-newborn_020-web blog_dsnewb3 2010_d-s-newborn_085-web blog_dsnewb4 2010_d-s-newborn_217-web blog_dsnewb1 blog_dsnewb2 2010_d-s-newborn_219_crop-web

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