Zoe's first birthday : toronto 'smash the cake' baby photography

Here's Zoe! Hot on the heels of Lera and Amory's cake smashing extravaganzas, Zoe was not to be outdone. After a few minutes posing with Mom and Dad, Zoe crawled over to her cake and delicately picked off the flowers... before spreading white buttercream all over her legs! Much fun was had by all... Andrea, Reid, thanks for having me over to photograph Zoe and share in her first birthday celebration - and I hope there were no ill-effects from the late bedtime!2010_zoecakesmash_085-web 2010_zoecakesmash_105-web 2010_zoecakesmash_137-web 2010_zoecakesmash_140-web 2010_zoecakesmash_168-web 2010_zoecakesmash_187-web 2010_zoecakesmash_214-web 2010_zoecakesmash_230-web 2010_zoecakesmash_251-web 2010_zoecakesmash_323-web 2010_zoecakesmash_319-web