My little baby is ONE today! : toronto baby photography

Wow, a whole year went by in the blink of an eye! I'm so glad I took care to savour (almost!) every minute of it. My little monkey is sooo good in every way! Here are a few snaps to commemorate his first birthday celebrations! We started with balloons - which he L-O-V-E-D. Then, naturally, he smashed a cake! He was absolutely hilarious in the way he methodically poked his finger into the middle of every polka dot! After cake, we headed for the splash pad. He demonstrated his standing, sitting in a puddle, and his Mowgli walking style. Then home for a dinner party with cousins (left to right: Thomas, Marissa and Daniel), then presents! Phew. Big day for the little guy! *glow*blog_amorybday1 2010_amory_06153-web 2010_amory_06141-web 2010_amory_06171-web 2010_amory_06278-web 2010_amory_06301-web 2010_amory_06339-web 2010_amory_06348-web 2010_amory_06372-web 2010_amory_06378-web 2010_amory_06380-web 2010_amory_06514-web 2010_amory_06538-web 2010_amory_06539-web 2010_amory_06540-web 2010_amory_06543-web 2010_amory_06567-web 2010_amory_06642-web 2010_amory_06605-web