Lera's first birthday : toronto 'smash the cake' baby photography

Remember back in the spring when h2o photography held a contest for a baby's first birthday 'smash the cake' photo session? Well here is little Lera smashing her cake! While our official winner was Zoe, who's cake smashing photos will appear on the blog in a few days, a serendipitous twist had Lera as a winner as well. And she had a ball!!! The pictures tell the story... see below. Thanks Marian and Lillian and Grandma for bringing Lera out at the last minute! Hope she enjoyed her yummy pink cake and wasn't too sticky by the time she got home!!!2010_leracake_069-web 2010_leracake_100-web 2010_leracake_142-web 2010_leracake_159-web 2010_leracake_197-web 2010_leracake_231-web 2010_leracake_248-web 2010_leracake_268-web 2010_leracake_288-web