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Another lovely mom-to-be at sunset! Toronto's waterfront makes a beautiful backdrop for a maternity photo session. We played at one of the city's landmarks, ran around in the grass and jumped up and down on the pier - yes - 8 and a half months pregnant and can you believe she jumped in the air for me!?! Thanks Monika and Stewart - it was a pleasure. Can't wait to meet your little one!2010_monikasmith_178-web blog_ms3 2010_monikasmith_228-web 2010_monikasmith_239-web 2010_monikasmith_219-web 2010_monikasmith_240-web blog_ms2 2010_monikasmith_041-web blog_ms1 2010_monikasmith_121-web 2010_monikasmith_313-web 2010_monikasmith_260-web 2010_monikasmith_271-web 2010_monikasmith_303-web 2010_monikasmith_323-web 2010_monikasmith_326-web 2010_monikasmith_336-web