A Beach early morning : toronto family photography

While I have never been a fan of getting out of bed early, my little guy insists on it. So if you are up anyway, why not go out and capture some gorgeous early morning light? My little family met Lisa's little family for a mutual photo session - timed to roughly coincide with Lily's second birthday and exactly a year on from our last photo session (here). It was lots of fun - there was lots of spirit, laughs and sand! Lisa - hope you love the photos - Lily and Audrey continue to just blossom! Stay tuned for Lisa's pics of us on her blog... :)2010_lisa&quillan_016-web 2010_lisa&quillan_019-web 2010_lisa&quillan_037-web 2010_lisa&quillan_063-web 2010_lisa&quillan_083-web 2010_lisa&quillan_056-web blog_lq1 2010_lisa&quillan_156-web 2010_lisa&quillan_004-web 2010_lisa&quillan_113-web 2010_lisa&quillan_132-web 2010_lisa&quillan_145_crop-web 2010_lisa&quillan_181-web 2010_lisa&quillan_183-web 2010_lisa&quillan_197-web blog_lq3 blog_lq4 2010_lisa&quillan_221-web 2010_lisa&quillan_222-web 2010_lisa&quillan_225-web blog_lq2

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