Twice as nice! : toronto baby photography

Twins! Made for a super action packed family photography shoot! Callum and Cassidy were adorable - just hanging around in baskets, rolling around on the carpet and generally just being adorable. Big sister Delaney was there to supervise it all too, with her gorgeous big blue eyes. Raisins, juice and a romp in the backyard kept her happy too! Thanks Karen and Lee (and Jean!) for letting me invade your home for a fun morning...2010_ireland_855-web blog_ire6 blog_ire4 blog_ire5 2010_ireland_154-web 2010_ireland_208-web 2010_ireland_113-web 2010_ireland_432-web 2010_ireland_713-web blog_ire2 blog_ire3 blog_ire1 2010_ireland_486-web 2010_ireland_568-web 2010_ireland_618-web 2010_ireland_690-web 2010_ireland_682-web

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