Glow : toronto maternity photography

I absolutely loved the evening light at this wonderful maternity photo session! We first hit the local car wash for it's delicious blue walls, then headed down to the wilds of south Leslieville and let the sun set on us, then finished up at home with a few indoor shots. Ranjit just glowed with her pregnancy - look at her! Thanks Ranjit and Nab - can't wait to meet the little one soon soon soon - boy or girl!?!?!?2010_dhanjalsherif_025-web 2010_dhanjalsherif_030-web blog_rds1 2010_dhanjalsherif_111-web 2010_dhanjalsherif_086-web 2010_dhanjalsherif_134-web blog_rds2 2010_dhanjalsherif_180-web 2010_dhanjalsherif_187-web 2010_dhanjalsherif_192-web 2010_dhanjalsherif_216-web 2010_dhanjalsherif_226-web 2010_dhanjalsherif_297-web 2010_dhanjalsherif_243-web 2010_dhanjalsherif_283-web 2010_dhanjalsherif_300-web 2010_dhanjalsherif_307-web 2010_dhanjalsherif_337_crop-web blog_rds3