Helena, one year older! : toronto kids & family photography

Wow - I loved seeing Helena again - this time a year older! I love it when clients come back to me and I get to see how their family grows...Last year we stayed home - this year we hit Toronto's High Park for a fun family photo session and Helena was non-stop! This little girl has energy! Despite a little rain, we had a great time. We climbed stone steps, we terrorized ducks and geese, we blew bubbles and we swung around and we ran. We ran, we ran, we ran! Even Hop-Hop joined in the fun. Thanks Tanya and Vince! blog_galante_3 2010_galante_0367-web 2010_galante_0623-web 2010_galante_0392-webblog_galante_2 2010_galante_0643-web 2010_galante_0201-web 2010_galante_0241-web blog_galante_4 2010_galante_0087-web blog_galante_5 blog_galante_1 2010_galante_0927_crop-web 2010_galante_0921-web
Difficult to get a 1 and a half year old to pose for a family photograph? YES! 2010_galante_1053-web
Impossible? NO! 2010_galante_1037-web