Sweetest smile : toronto baby photography

This little guy had the sweetest smile! And he was sooo cooperative! And I wish I had taken some video of the way he dances with his hands!! Never seen anything like it... :O)Seema and Keir, Navin is a little sweetheart - and I had lots of fun on (both!) my visits!!! Thanks for having me over! I hope your new home will have just as much beautiful sunlight, love and laughter. Okay, so like I said... that smile... check it out!!: 2010_kerrjainfamily_655-web blog_kerrjain_3 2010_kerrjainfamily_030-web 2010_kerrjainfamily_044b-web 2010_kerrjainfamily_050-web 2010_kerrjainfamily_538-web 2010_kerrjainfamily_102-web blog_kerrjain_1 2010_kerrjainfamily_317-web 2010_kerrjainfamily_375-web 2010_kerrjainfamily_248-web 2010_kerrjainfamily_455-web blog_kerrjain_2 2010_kerrjainfamily_141-web 2010_kerrjainfamily_183-web blog_kerrjain_4 2010_kerrjainfamily_681-web 2010_kerrjainfamily_493-web