Jumping, chocolate and dimples : toronto baby & kids photography

Three things that made this session! Sophia went CRAZY jumping on the bed and enjoyed her share of chocolate, and Jamie had the sweetest dimples!!! (see the last photo below...) Not only that, but he managed an entire second afternoon nap in the middle of our session - giving him a second wind for some rolling around in the colourful play gym. Great!! Thanks Sarah - and Happy Father's Day to the proud papa...SURPRISE!!!blog_2010_angusfamily_228-web blog_2010_angusfamily_1 blog_2010_angusfamily_265-web blog_2010_angusfamily_2 blog_2010_angusfamily_3 blog_2010_angusfamily_141 blog_2010_angusfamily_4 blog_2010_angusfamily_074-crop2 blog_2010_angusfamily_468-crop blog_2010_angusfamily_5 blog_2010_angusfamily_6 blog_2010_angusfamily_485 blog_2010_angusfamily_546 blog_2010_angusfamily_730 blog_2010_angusfamily_694-crop blog_2010_angusfamily_7

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