6 considerations for choosing a location for family photos

Wondering where you should capture this years family photo session? Here are 6 things to think about when choosing your location.

But first, can we just talk for a minute about how gorgeous this family below is? I include a handful of my favourite photos from their session because we just NAILED it on location - checking all the boxes.

What boxes you ask? OK, let’s jump in.

ONE: This is the obvious one…

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Do YOU want the type of family photos that most other moms want?

Every family has their own beautiful, fascinating and exciting story, and every mom has a different vision of how she would love to capture that story. It’s the first question I ask when we first chat on the phone - “Tell me what you would love to capture in your family photos!”

I LOVE the visions my families have, and I love bringing them to reality. Naturally (and thankfully!), every …

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What if my kid does 'the fake smile'?

The number one concern parents have coming into a family photo session is “will my kids behave? will they do that fake smile?”

So here’s my thoughts on that one.

No - they won’t behave perfectly for the whole session and yes - they will do that fake smile for at least a couple of photos.


As an …

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Memories of Copenhagen

What I do as a portrait photographer is create tangible versions of our memories. Versions of our memories we can see, share and keep.

What is so special about my annual trip to Copenhagen is that while helping create these memories for families, I myself take a huge foray down memory lane. Nostalgia, fondness, my favourite things and my least favourite things, the things I really miss and those I do not at all - they all come together to weave a rich …

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Your Complete Family Portrait Pre-Session Checklist

Got the date for your family photo session on the calendar, your location picked, stylist booked and wardrobe chosen? Already met with your photographer to plan the details of the session? Great!

Now comes the fun part: looking forward to creating the family portraits you’ve been dreaming of. I always find that my families have a great time ‘on-set’ or ‘on-location’ – having a unique (in this busy time of overscheduling and connectivity) opportunity just to…

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6 (Less Obvious) Questions to Ask Your Potential Family Photographer

When you decide it’s time for an update of your family portraits, the first thing you will likely do is jump online and search for local ‘family portrait artists’.

 You are likely to find a few to choose from and upon visiting their websites you’ll quickly narrow down to your favourites based on the look and feel of their websites, how much you relate to the look and feel of their business and how much you love their portfolio of work. Without realizing it, you’ll be…

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because I'm going to miss all these things.

I wanted to quickly share an article today, because it made me UGLY CRY.

THIS, folks.

THIS is why I do what I do - and I’m not strictly speaking about why I do what I do as a business - it’s why I do WHAT I DO for myself.

I do it for myself first and foremost, before I do it for clients.

I do it all the time - but …

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How big should the artwork in your home be? Sizing portraits for your wall.

One of the first questions I ask everyone who calls me about family portraits is “How do you plan to enjoy your images?”  The immediate answer is usually either or both of an album or something for the wall. This makes me HAPPY, because I know the images we create together will serve their purpose of capturing and creating memories – they won’t be lost and forgotten on a thumb drive in the drawer.

While albums are great for telling the story of a family – including moments and relationships and connections – wall portraits are the best for

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Small Business Owners: Do the Photos on YOUR Website tell your Brand Story?

One thing no one has much of these days is time. Especially if you are running a business (or.. errr… a business is running you).

So it might just be that you threw your website together the quickest way you knew how - using stock photography. Or maybe you had some headshots done and splashed those all over your site - generic studio-lit business suit on white background? Looking corporate-chic? Or even corporate-not-so-chic?

So here’s the question…

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Heather Davidson-MeynComment
.... aaaannnnddd it's 2019. Time for something different.

Ok - I’m really not sure how that happened - how it suddenly became 2019. I haven’t blogged since August last year and I didn’t even realize it until my mom pointed it out over the Christmas holidays. She asked me if I was still shooting. HECK YES! I was pretty surprised actually - somehow I didn’t feel that busy between August and now (except for in November - November was silly), but in some strange way I guess I just forgot about blogging. Is that bad? I’m not …

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What's in my bag?

My bag includes different things for every different type of session or age group I’m photographing that day. This bag is packed for an outdoor summer session with a mom, a dad and an 18-month old! I have my Canon 5D Mark 3 together with my 24-70 2.8L and 70-200 2.8L Canon lenses to capture the action and the portraits, and I threw in my…

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