Artwork and Images

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I truly believe that the amazing images we produce together should be cherished, shared and shouted from the rooftops. As part of my complete service to you, I make sure you walk away from our experience together with everything taken care of. Together we design just what your heart desires – albums, portrait boxes, wall art, desk art and prints.

I guide you through all of your product options and literally show you what your art will look like on your walls so that there is no guesswork involved. I also walk you through the best choices of gifts for doting grandparents, aunties and uncles and friends.

When your bespoke professional quality products are ready, I lovingly wrap them up and bring them to you (or send them wherever they need to go!). I'll even hang your art on your walls for you – completing that last step of the process - instant gratification!


Art Albums

Collect your images in a custom bound, covered and embossed art album with beautifully thick lay-flat photographic print pages. 

Fun Love's albums, printed and hand-bound in Canada, are 10"x10" and contain 30 to 45 images from you session. 

Add a coordinating album box made of solid Canadian Ash Wood to hold your family heirloom safe, or add duplicate mini-albums to make perfect gifts for friends and family.


Portrait Boxes

Bring home a selection of images housed in your choice of a bespoke covered and embossed portrait box or stunning mini glass box, and enjoy them one-by-one.

Bespoke covered boxes, custom-made and embossed for you in Dublin, Ireland, contain either 20 or 30 of your favourite images printed and matted to 8"x10". A simple and elegant stand is included for you to display your images.

The stunning rose-gold and glass box contains your choice of 30 images printed to 4"x6" size on Fun Love's signature watercolour paper and featuring hand-torn edges.


Wall + Desk Art

Showcase your bespoke images on your wall or desk in your choice of archival frame and matte, modern acrylic or heritage wood block.

"For children in particular, looking at photographs is part of the socialising process; learning who you are and where you fit into the family. By displaying photographs of our children at different stages of their lives, we are making a very public statement that we are proud of them."
- Professor Geoff Beattie, Head of School and Dean of Psychological Sciences at the University of Manchester
"Displaying photos prominently in the home sends the message that our family and those in it are important to one another, and we honor the memories we have experienced."
- Cathy Lander-Goldberg, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Art Prints

Custom finished prints of your favourite images. Prints range from desk size huge enlargements ready for framing and can be finished with a classic lustre or a rich, luxurious 'deep matte' finish.


Digital images are included or available for purchase once a minimum order for Artwork has been made.