the art of your life


I truly believe in my heart of hearts that the amazing images we produce together should be cherished, shared and shouted from the rooftops. As part of my complete service to you, I make sure you walk away from our experience together with everything taken care of. Together we design just what your heart desires – portrait boxes, albums, wall art, desk art and prints.

I guide you through all of your product options and literally SHOW you what your art will look like on your walls so that there is no guesswork involved. I also walk you through the best choices of gifts for doting grandparents, aunties and uncles and friends.

When your gorgeous, professional quality products are ready, I lovingly wrap them up and bring them to you (or send them wherever they need to go!). I'll even hang your art on your walls for you – completing that last step of the process! As once client once exclaimed while I wielded the level and tape measure; ‘I LOVE instant gratification’!


You have lots of options of how you would like to take home your finished images. Not so much that it's overwhelming, but enough that you will find what you love. And if you don't, let's create it together!